I'm exploring my thoughts and feelings related to gender identity, gender expression and biological sex.

I use the following tags:

#fav: a favorite image

#merit: an image that brings up something for me worth further exploration. It may be an image I love or an image I am disturbed by, but it indicates that I have some kind of reaction to the image.

#trap: I would not have known that this person was trans without "proof", and would not have expected her to be trans (this is hot).

#atrap: Although I wouldn't identify her immediately as being trans if I saw her on the street, I would not be surprised to discover she was.

#bigcock: Self explanatory

#ttf: transgirl + girl

#smile: love the smile

#amateur: this feels like a real picture, rather than a porn-inspired one.

#slender: love the bodytype.


Luscious temptation!

Consider me tempted… completely!

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Eduarda Rodrigues

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